How it works?

The organizer specifies their Bitcoin address, the ticket price and the block height that the ticket draw to happens.

Each participant sends funds to the provided address and their ticket(s) hash is calculated with the following formula:

sha256(transactionHash + targetBlockHash + nonce)

Where nonce is increased for the amount of tickets bought. The person with the lowest hash value wins.

A Bitcoin block is very difficult to generate and the resulting hash is unpredictable we can safely assume that it is impossible to cheat. Yet because the results are derived from a public ledger, they can be verified independently.

beta we are open source.

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Create your own...

The title of the game
The block height the ticket draw happens
The organizer's Bitcoin address. Use an empty address
The ticket price in
Give a free ticket every specified amount of tickets (0 for none)
How many winners there will be